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Apartments Petarcica Beach, Zavala, Hvar

Apartment "C"
This is a 3 room apartment on Hvar. Featuring 2 bedrooms with quality medical mattresses and a living room/dining room with a large glass window, thus also from the inside there is a magnificent ocean view given.
The location and amenities of this property is absolutely the best!

The apartment is about 50-60m ². This apartment has a 15m ² terrace with stunning sea view. The apartment is for 4 adults (or 2 adults with 2 childfren). New kitchen with dishwasher. This apartment on Hvar is with air conditioning. Each bedroom have it's own air conditioning unit. There is also a 42" Full HD 3D TV in this apartment.

Apartment on Hvar

Apartment "E"
This 2 bedroom apartment accommodation is suitable for 2 adults and 2 children. The apartment is about 40-50m ² in size, the kitchen is in the hallway (and is therefore not in the bedroom). This apartment has a 10m ² balcony with beautiful sea views. A bathroom, a bedroom with very good medical mattresses, and a kitchen with dishwasher is available in the apartment. The apartment is also with air conditioning and TV.

Apartment on Hvar

Apartment "D"
Ideal for 2 adults, this apartment is 25 sqm in size, the kitchen cell is located on the balcony, thus not in the bedroom. The beds are equipped with medical mattresses. The apartment has a 8m ² balcony with sea views. On a pull out sofa can also sleep a child, so this Apartment is for 2 adults and 1 child. This apartment is also with TV and air conditioning.

Apartments on Hvar, next to the beach

Apartment "A"
This apartment is the largest of our apartments on Hvar. It's a 4-room apartment, with 3 bedrooms and a dining room and two bathrooms. Each bedroom is equipped with air conditioning. The apartment is also equipped with satellite TV and WiFi. A part of the large terrace is covered.

This apartment is ideal for 4 adults and 2 children. A dishwasher is also available in the kitchen. The apartment also has a new bathroom One bedroom is equipped with the highly praised (by our guests) medical mattresses (for a healthy and restful sleep). The beach is only a few meter away from the apartments. You only have to go downstairs and within 10 seconds you are on the beach! Unsurpassable!

Apartment next to the sea on Hvar

Apartment "B"
The apartment has 2 bedrooms, sleeping places for 4 adults. This apartment is located on the ground floor. The apartment is slightly larger than apartment "E" and has a 40m ² big terrace with amazing sea views. A bathroom, 2 bedrooms and kitchen with large fridge and dishwasher is in this apartment. Furtermore the apartment is equipped with satelite TV, air conditioning and WiFi

About Apartments Petarcica Beach on Hvar

The holiday home (vacation home) Apartments Petarcica Beach on the island of Hvar is inhabited all year round. So our vacation rentals on can be rented throughout the year.

All apartments in holiday home Apartments Petarcica Beach on Hvar in Croatia have 180° sea views and a terrace or balcony, and of course a kitchen and bathroom. Even from the kitchens of 4 of these apartments You have sea views. From some bedrooms you also have ocean view from the bed, for example, Apartment "C" 1 bedroom, Apartment "terrace" Bedroom 1 Both bedrooms in this apartment are with medico quality mattresses (for a healthy and restful sleep).

It will be hard to find a comparable vacation house not only on the Island of Hvar (but also in Croatia), so close to the beach and the sea, and in such a beautiful environment with these amenities.

The Island of Hvar is the top location in Croatia,
and Zavala where these apartments are located is top on the Island on Hvar.

Prices of these apartments on Hvar