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Island of Hvar

One of the most beautiful islands in the world!

Hvar is located in Dalmatia, in the south of Croatia and offers everything for a relaxing vacation or holiday in Croatia.

Holidays on Hvar means dream vacation & relaxing holiday in one! Hvar is one of the sunniest islands in Europe, not only In Croatia. The island of Hvar has the most sunny days and hours of sunshine annually. Hvar has a unique air quality and a very special atmosphere. The island of Hvar is therefore particularly well suited for tourists who suffer from allergies and / or asthma. In addition, our guests rave over again by the crystalline waters on Hvar, which they have so not seen before.

Hvar with a length of about 70 KM, is the longest island in Croatia.

The island of Hvar has an average width of about 6 km. Thus Hvar is also only the second largest island in Dalmatia (after the island of Brac) and the fourth largest island in Croatia. Hvar has over 14000 residents year-round, due to the many tourists who spend their holidays / vacations on Hvar, there are much more in the summer. Hvar is accessible from Split by ferry or catamaran. The ferry transfers from Split to Stari Grad is about 2 hours. (The ferry from Split to Hvar (Stari Grad) can't be reserved.)
Let's travel to Hvar and spend your holidays on Hvar in our apartments, you will be amazed by the vacation paradise Hvar.
The island of Hvar is characterized not only by water and the nature above the water, but also the underwater world is very beautiful. The underwaterworld of Hvar have fantastic visibilities when diving and snorkelling. You will be amazed when when you are diving or snorkelling on the island of Hvar, how far you can see underwater. The island of Hvar is full of attractive diving and underwater areas, not only for scuba divers but also for snorkelers.


How to get to Hvar:

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Hvar and the special climate

Hvar has its own microclimate, which has a positive effect on the weather. The mild Mediterranean climate on Hvar is also due to the special geographical location of the island of Hvar. Hvar has less rainfall than on all the other islands in Croatia. In summer, the mercury rarely goes above 40°C. Hvar has mild winters and warm summers. Summers are pleasantly warm by Mistral winds, even high temperatures are experienced as pleasant, because the humidity is very low normally. Hvar is valued for the unique climate of many holidaymakers. The climate on the island of Hvar is very mild and healthy. For people who suffer from certain allergies, respiratory diseases, as well as under (asthma, bronchitis), the climate on Hvar is very beneficial. Furthermore, the climate on Hvar is different from the air on the neighboring islands, such as the island of Brac, island of Korcula and Vis Island. It often happens that there it's raining onall islands around Hvar. But on the island of Hvar there is no rain. On Hvar there is quite the opposite the sun is shining.

Hvar & the wines from the island

Top quality wines from the island of Hvar. Due to the climate and geographic location of more than 2000 years wine and olive growing is operated on Hvar. Before 150 years ago, the first tourists came to Hvar, the inhabitants of island of Hvar lived from fishing and agriculture and many others in the fields of wine, olives, lavender and rosemary. This was the case for centuries. Nowadays deal less and less having local agriculture and fishing, the most live mainly from tourism. But the wine still plays an important role. Hvar is among connoisseurs for its wines well known. Most wines are also exported worldwide. The native red wine grape variety of the island of Hvar is called "Plavac Mali" not to be confused with "Veli Plavac" or just "Plavac". With us you have the opportunity to taste some of these wines (red & white wines), so you can convince yourself of the quality of these wines. You'll notice the difference with the wines that are sold on the street or in the supermarket clearly. (As different as day and night).