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Pictures of Hvar, and the surrounding area (Zavala)

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Island Hvar


Beach on Hvar

Beaches on Hvar

beautiful beaches on the island of Hvar

near the apartments.
Zavala, island Hvar
Boating in Zavala
Boating from Zavala to Hvar
Boating from Zavala
In direction to Hvar town
Mountainbiking on Hvar
Mountain biking
A nice ride
Diving on Hvar
Diving - under water
Enjoy your dicesion Hvar.

beaches on the island of Hvar

Pictures of beaches on Hvar

Whose looking for beautiful beaches, will certainly find some on Hvar, especially in Zavala. If you prefer beach and bathing holiday, then Zavala is to recommend highly, especially for families with children. It is the place having the most beaches on Hvar, which are perceived by many tourists as the most beautiful beaches on the island. Up on the beach at the top of Figure 5 in the gallery, all the beaches on the pictures are taken in Zavala. The beach on the first 4 images is just a few meters from the apartments away.

Beaches on the south side of Hvar

Especially the south side of Hvar has the most beautiful beaches on Hvar.
The south side of the island, when the westerly winds in winter unfold their power, stone on stone is rubbed by the strong waves, the result is the nice round pebble on the beach. On the north side of the island, there are no such forces of nature, since there are no winds from land that can build up high waves as the wind from the south west on the south side of the island of Hvar. So many beaches on the north side of the island, are mostly with sharp stones.