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Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


The journey from Split to our vacation rentals on the island of Hvar takes:
The ferry from Split to Stari Grad needs about 2 hours.
From Stari Grad to our vacation homes it take about 30 minutes.


Is there only one ferry connection from Split to the Island of Hvar, or are there others?
There are two (local) ferry connections:

One from Split to Stari Grad and the other from Drvenik to Sucuraj that we do not recommend, because you drive the long way back on the mainland and on the island of Hvar, then approximately 60 km back, in "bad" (winding and very narrow) street.
The only exception: If you are already in Croatia and you are coming from Dubrovnik to us.


Can I book the ferry from Split to Hvar?


Is also another possible arrival except Saturday?

- Yes.


Parking is available in front of the house, so you can reach the vacation house by car.

Is it possible to rent a vehicle (car, motorcycle or scooter)?

(nearby) in Jelsa there is a rental service for cars, scooters and bicycles.




Holiday rentals, vacation rentals:

Are linens and towels provided?
Yes, linen and towels are provided. You only need towels (for the beach).


Is kitchen is equipped with coffee maker, refrigerator, etc.?

Fridge with freezer, oven and stove, coffee maker, cutlery, dishes, are in the kitchens of the apartments.
You need to buy detergent and other consumer goods. These little things you can get here in our small Supermarket, about 400 - 500 meters away.


Do you have satellite TV?
- Yes we have satellite TV. All free channels which can be received via ASTRA.


Is it possible to rent umbrellas and chairs?

- No.


Are the apartments with air-conditioning?

- Yes all apartments are with air-con.




What does it cost? .....
The exact price (with period details) can be found in our price list.

The price of the apartment is not dependent on the number of people
the maximum number of people just shall not be exceeded.


Must be paid on the spot a tourist tax? - This is already included in the total price (in taxes).


Late arrival or early departure. Must then also be be paid the total price ?
Yes, the price is stated in the booking confirmation, are authentic.
The price for your booked period (regardless of the amount actually spent days) is to pay.
(Exceptions: if you extend your holiday [if possible] and or if you have booked additional extras (on site),
such as half board or dinner etc.) Otherwiese it would result in a loss, we are not responsible for.
(The apartment could be rented for the entire period to another family.)




Can I pay with credit card or debit card? No.

Note: With the ATM card in Croatia only local currency (ie KUNA)
and thus no EURO by the bank and the machine can be lifted!
(Note: The amount payable is limited on a daily basis.)


May we bring along an inflatables, sailboat or motorboat? Yes.
We have a buoy that our guests can use for free and at your own risk.

Is there a boat rental in town?